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Find out how to reach close to 3 million visitors.

How Internet Consumers Find Web Sites*:
** Search Engines: 81%
Link from another site: 59%
Viral marketing (word of mouth): 56%
TV: 48%
Guessed URL: 41%
Online Advertising: 20%
Radio: 19%
Direct Mail: 10%
* Source: Forrester Research Inc.

Click Here! is a 5Fish domain. 5Fish domains enjoy over 2 million plus visitors primarily from the Ontario marketplace. Take advantage of our traffic. Advertising packages available.

Rotating Banners
Rotating Banners $20/mo/site minimum 3 months - 460*60

Flash Panels

Flash panels $25/mo -

Side buttons where available 160*40 - $20/month/site - minimum 3 months -

Multiple Site Button Advertising Specials
Includes photo/logo (1 site), stationary buttons and link extravaganza!
Exposure from 1/2 million to 2.5 million visitors.
5 site $600/yr (1million)
10 site $900/yr
(2 million plus)
15 site $1200/yr (over 2 million)

Purchase your advertising by selecting from the above and then submit banner to We will contact you. Or telephone 1-888-347-4670. Alternatively we will develop a banner for you.

Email Pop/Web Accounts
Email Pop Accounts $34.95/year Accommodation and Real Estate Listing Pricing

A basic site submission is Free. A 200 character listing and a link to your home webpage for $49/year. With photo $99. All the words of your listing will be submitted and included in our database for increased visibility. Jump to the top of our page and all searches.

A page with 3 photos and logo, or 3 graphics, up to 2000 characters of text description and (optional) email address plus the above listing and link for $199/year. Each additional photo is $10/year .

First listing ad guaranteed on first category page including 1 photo or logo and 200 character listing for $299/year (includes link to your homepage). Only one of these. Get the top spot!

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